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AG Enterprise – Code name [Predator]


“It’s like sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads”

Thank you to all of our valued AG customers for your support and dedication the application and the industry.

During the post launch of Affiliate Genie there were some features and add on tools that many of you have requested which led me to begin development of a more robust database driven version of the application.

Before I go into any details about what I am working on I would like to share a little more on why Affiliate Genie was built the way we built it originally.

For starters we choose a flat file system to make deployment of AG on lower end servers as easy as possible – recognizing that this had limited some of the capabilities such as delayed posting and dating of articles and products. The flat file system also made transferring or selling of an AG site a simple process.

We kept the theme engine as simple as possible to facilitate easy editing of your theme within the control panel of AG. Limiting the absolute control of being able to change the layout.

For the most part these benefits made Affiliate Genie a very popular and highly utilized tool in the Internet Marketing  industry.

All in all AG was designed to make deploying Affiliate review sites as easy as possible regardless of your web design skills. In reality most Affiliate Marketers are not web designers or programmers – your lively hood is in using scripts and applications to promote your sites and make your sales. Well we are dedicated to helping make that easier for you.

After the initial launch I developed some plug ins to give even more control and power to Affiliate Genie which to be honest came with a lack luster response from many.

However I have received feedback from those that are using them and it is great to hear that they are really helping AG users to build high converting sites.

So what now?

Now! I am working on a completely new affiliate site building tool based off the original concept – but taking all the feedback (good & bad) from our user base and developing a completely new affiliate site building system.

Code name Predator will be taking everything that made Affiliate Genie so great and adding so much more to it.

Prior to retail launch all existing  Affiliate Genie customers will have a limited time opportunity to purchase Predator for only the difference between the the retail price and the price of AG. That will be a $97 discount over the retail launch price.

You will have the opportunity to own Predator before it is even available to the retail market.

What makes Predator so deadly efficient?

  1. Predator will be a Database driven application allowing for more versatility.
  2. The release will include an easy web based install process (no code editing required at all).
  3. Post dating and delayed posting will be available right out of the gate
  4. Importing/Conversion of a current Affiliate Genie site with a few clicks.
  5. More powerful SEO options including custom unlimited length titles for pages.
  6. Theme development tools – Complete customization of layout and site design including SDK for advanced users.
  7. Instant theme switching no need for messing around inside your site.
  8. Replaced the buggy TinyMCE with a more robust lightweight WYSIWYG content editor.
  9. Image upload into reviews & articles.
  10. Sub category management.
  11. Unlimited featured promos that can be targeted to specific pages.
  12. Buried pages (not present in any menu) Great for landing pages.

These are just a few of the features myself and the programming team are writing into AG – Predator.

Here are a couple of screens of the development site (rudimentary theme applied).

AG Predator - Main Page

AG Predator - Admin

Now for the best part!

Because this application is currently classed as in development I am reaching out to YOU the valued Affiliate Genie users to gain your input. You have the chance to help mold this product in the ULTIMATE online marketing site builder.

As an added bonus with this version there will be a development license included for the theme SDK allowing those that are so inclined to build and sell themes and theme packs.

That’s right as a Predator affiliate you will be able to build your own income stream selling your custom themes for Predator – either as OTO or a stand alone product. We will even provide you with the SDK to build the themes prior to the Affiliate launch.

So here you go folks it is your time to shine.

Leave me a comment detailing what you want in Predator!

Aanything that is possible to code in for you


I look forward to your input – With your help we can make this the deadliest affiliate tool to hit the Internet marketing industry since … well use your imagination ;)

P.S. – Prior to the official launch I will be releasing the theme SDK for two reasons. 1. To give you a head start developing a theme prior to purchasing the application 2. Anyone that develops a high quality theme, submits the theme to us and has it approved by the AG Team for official release will receive a COMPLETELY FREE copy of the final release version of the software.

Written by Matthew

November 30th, 2010 at 11:55 am