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About Web Design Armory


Why The WebDesignArmory?

As a the owner of a successful Web Development company I receive countless inquiries and resumes from prospective web designers, sifting through these I see a trend in the skill sets. Many of these “Designers” are fresh out of college and have not gained the experience with SEO or design quirks for cross browsers.

Many of the sites I am directed to look at are not designed with the end user in mind nor do they really shine a positive light on the owner of the site. As a prospective employer or client I generally get past the first page of many of the sites.

The main goal of WebDesignArmory is to help the upcoming web company owners to be successful in their markets. I will provide resources and tools as well as access to some of the in house development tools that I used to make my business a success.

Affiliate Marketing – We have all read the stories of those marketers that are making six figure incomes from online marketing programs. You may have even bought a report or two promising great success in Affiliate Online Sales.

The facts are that YES you can make a six figure income at Affiliate Marketing

I was the most skeptical of bunch and really believed that there was only a select few that were making any money in this sector and those that were making it simply sold you a report on how to do what they are doing. After buying and reading a couple of these reports I was still skeptical and unwilling to put the time and effort into following the instructions laid out in front of me.

Obviously I was not successful at my early attempts in “Affiliate Marketing”, this is not because the process does not work. It is simply that I did not put in the effort, I was looking for the “Majic Button” that I could click to make a six figure income.


The reality that I had to face was that EVERYTHING takes effort, time and some skill to be successful at, so I started my web design business out of my basement. Every new client allowed me learn something new and hone my skills in design and coding. This allowed me to grow my business by double each year since I began full-time 3 years ago.

So why the rant about Affiliate Marketing?

Well this is a life changing story! My offices are in a shared office space building where there are 50 other companies in varying markets that have offices in the building. On one my marketing campaigns I sent out a single page advertisement to each office in the building to build awareness around my company.

A couple of days later this casually dressed guy comes walking into my office holding one of my advertisements. He tells me he saw the ad and wanted to come and introduce himself. Yadda Yadda we chat for a bit when I ask him what he does for a living, the answer “Internet Marketing”. After taking a brief look at one of his sites selling a report on “how to make a six figure income in affiliate marketing”.

My response “OH you are one of THOSE GUYS!” Instantly going through my head is really how much can someone make at this, it never worked for me or anyone else I had met that bought one of the make money online packages. After an awkward couple of minutes the guy left my office. Feeling rather sheepish 15 minutes later I decided to go and talk to him again and see if I can learn a little more about this “Black Art”.

Luckily for me he was very receiving and we sat down to chat, WHAT AN EYE OPENING CONVERSATION this guy was making a mid-high six figure income doing EXACTLY what all those reports tell you to do. It was working for him so why not for me? the reality is that he actually worked at building his Affiliate Business and took the risk that myself and many others don’t take. The worst part of it all was that this guy seemed like a genuinely honest a nice guy, not some scummy salesman trying to sell me something all the time.

To get to the point on this story I left his office and went to do some research on him – everything I found on him was positive, this guy was for real. I had actually met someone that was making money in Affiliate Marketing, this is a legitimate business opportunity.

That guy was Chris Rempel AKA The Lazy Marketer! 2 Weeks later we formed a joint venture and began building Affiliate Genie – the rest we say is history!

Written by Matthew

April 14th, 2010 at 2:50 am

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  1. I like this site, very easy to read and use.


    27 May 10 at 11:50 AM

  2. very well

    information you write it very clean. I’m very lucky to get this information from you.

  3. Cool information…found your post on aol and i’ll come back for sure…Loyd Cromie

    Loyd Cromie

    4 Jun 10 at 10:32 AM

  4. Well, Matthew & Chris there is another life changing story about to begin whenever you are! I know what Chris says about getting things done today, not tomorrow.

    Anyway, I left the comments Doug Ashbaugh made (on Chris’ The Lazy Marketer Part 3), about Part 2 and now I hope you both contact Doug and see if your visionary capabilities mesh like I think they will.

    I just purchased AG to use with my local node and I think it will work whether I understand the nodes or not. Something big is in the air…the local air!



    4 Jul 10 at 5:48 AM

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