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Archive for March, 2011

Get the affiliate tools you want in 2011


As you can imagine things have been really busy with the launch of Chris Rempel’s Actually Rank product and the development of Affiliate Genie Predator.

In amongst the development cycles we have been planning out products for 2011 and what we are going to develop going forward. There are also some pretty exciting concepts in the works for  later in the year (summer 2011) and in the interest of giving you what you want…

So I am asking you the valued customers what you are looking for in 2011.

(There is one particular TOP SECRET product that is in the works for the summer  that is extremely exciting so keep your inboxes open for information. Sorry folks I can’t really tell you any more about it :) )

Basically folks we really care about providing high quality and relevant Marketing products during each and everyone of our launches. Not only do we provide you products for internet marketing but we are customers as well.

Personally I get tired of my email being hammered with the same crap every day – You know the products I am talking about a you most likely get the same emails. Many of the products I have tested just plain don’t work or are just gateways to spend more money to achieve results.

At WebDesignArmory we are committed to never being that company that spams the #$%^& out of our customers with crappy exploit products that only work on a short term basis, if at all!

“This is your chance to really TAKE ACTION and provide your input letting us the developers know EXACTLY what you want this year to assist you in your affiliate marketing ventures.”

Complete the following anonymous poll to help us to continue developing quality products that you can actually use!

Simply check the products that you are interested in for 2011 (3 max) – we will use the data from this poll to help decide priority for product development and launch dates.

Let me apologize to those that are looking for the one click make a million dollars systems!

The instant money programs are just not available and frankly if we were able to make a click once and get rich program we would just sit around all day clicking the button and getting richer… The products that we WILL be focusing on are REAL and VALID products for serious Internet Marketers who truly understand that it takes time and effort to really be successful.

What Interests You Most?

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If there are other product types that you would like to see please leave a comment and we can add them to the poll.



Written by Matthew

March 31st, 2011 at 12:01 pm