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Affiliate Genie Content Importer



Since the launch of Affiliate Genie we have been inundated with requests for content submission tools – keeping in mind that Affiliate Genie was built with unique content creation in mind we have developed a script that will auto populate your Affiliate Genie site with content from text files.

This process will make deploying articles on your Affiliate Genie site blazing fast.

The basic principle is this:

  • The script will import .txt files from a folder and format/convert them into the formats required for Affiliate Genie including creation of both of the necessary files required for proper display.
  • The script can be used for importing one or two .txt articles or dozens at once.

Use the Content Importer to import purchased articles quickly or in a more blackHat method import scraped articles using a system that we have found that is absolutely fantastic for creating scraped articles to quickly deploy your Affiliate Genie Site.

Check out this video showing just how easy it is to add content with this plug-in.

I start with a fresh install of Affiliate Genie and in less than 3 minutes I populate it with 5 articles the process is no slower even when importing large numbers of articles…

If you have Affiliate Genie running on your hosting script the script will work flawlessly.

The process is simple:

1. Choose your niche

2. Install Affiliate(approx. 5 mins)

3. Add your Top Fold Featured Promo (approx. 5 mins)

4. Upload your Content importer and .txt files (approx 1 min)

5. Check your content and tweak if needed.

THAT’S IT! You have a complete site up and running in a matter of 15 Minutes.

Keep checking back for details and a demo video.

P.S. With a folder of text files you could literally launch a new Affiliate Genie site with articles in a matter of minutes. Imagine the possibilities of being that efficient at launching targeted niche sites.

Just wait till you see the video you will not believe how easy launching Affiliate Genie sites will be…

If you do not have Affiliate Genie yet, what are you waiting for visit and get your copy today!

Written by Matthew

June 8th, 2010 at 8:37 pm

20 Responses to 'Affiliate Genie Content Importer'

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  1. Matt,

    This sounds great. I often create content in text files and this sounds like it will save me some significant time and effort. When do you expect to have this ready?



    9 Jun 10 at 6:44 AM

  2. Since I purchased Affilate Genie last Nov.2009 I have not able to install it, maybe, this script would help.
    Please review orderid: 2KE9533974358653X and send me ths Script.

    Phil Umoh

    9 Jun 10 at 6:50 AM

  3. Now it just needs to ‘uniquify’ that imported content so no duplicate penalties are applied ;)


    9 Jun 10 at 7:12 AM

  4. Sounds good.

    Now if you would only add a scheduler to that so that AG could post XX new articles every YY days! That would pretty amazing!



    9 Jun 10 at 7:23 AM

  5. Supposing I bought this and it didn’t work correctly for some reason, would there be any support?

    I don’t believe there is any support set up for Affiliate Genie currently. A recent email I sent was ignored. I’m not the only one who has experienced this.


    9 Jun 10 at 7:51 AM

  6. What is the problem that you are having with Affiliate Genie, we have been providing support on an ongoing basis for Affiliate Genie I have thousands of responded mails most of which are not related to actual problems with AffGenie but are just people asking questions that honestly typing the same question into Google would result in an answer.

    I am sorry if an email of yours was not responded to but we are doing our best to keep up with support and maintain the product.


    9 Jun 10 at 8:16 AM

  7. I was Beta testing it yesterday in a raw form – just need to refine it a little and write the sales page and it will be ready so not too long. I’m pushing for the next week or so.


    9 Jun 10 at 8:23 AM

  8. I don’t know what kind of trouble anyone could have with Affiliate Genie.Its so easy to install,only 5 minutes or so.I asked support questions and sometimes got an answer in less than an hour.I am very happy with my purchase,and i feel that the new script will be very good.

    Bill Roberts

    9 Jun 10 at 8:27 AM

  9. I just want to say something after reading the comments here. It only took Matthew a few minutes to email me back and provide me with a new update for Affiliate Genie and not only that, but providing the VERY best support you can expect to get. I have been in internet marketing for years now and I can say that Matthew Chitty, Chris Rempel, and Dave Kelly are the most genuine marketers on the planet. They all have helped me personally and jumped on my problems without delay. They are the FEW that remain on my “subscribed to” list. These are guys that truly want to help other marketers by providing some awesome tools and support. Hey these guys even jumped on one of my landing pages and fixed a video problem for me. What more can you ask? If these guys release it, go for it.

    Ziah Jolley

    9 Jun 10 at 9:09 AM

  10. Just to clarify something I have not had any problem with support for the software, Matthew has even answered my silly questions LoL looking forward to the new add-on

    Roland Klein

    9 Jun 10 at 9:25 AM

  11. Thanks for the support and kind words from Bill, Ziah and Roland.

    We do our best with Affiliate Genie and are happy to see people using it for what it was designed for.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. Now back to programming so I can get this script ready :)


    9 Jun 10 at 9:30 AM

  12. ~PHIL
    I desperately tried to help you install your Affiliate Genie, however your emails got bounced back constantly and I could not reach you to get the information required to install Affiliate Genie for you.

    You then sent me an email threatening me so I refunded your Install Fee, this script will not help you install Affiliate Genie but having an email address that I can actually get a message to would!.

    P.S. Threatening me does not get you very far either!


    9 Jun 10 at 9:31 AM

  13. Thank you sir. I second Ziah’s comments on how helpful you guys have always been. If you need a guy with professional beta testing experience to play with this, let me know!



    9 Jun 10 at 9:38 AM

  14. Matthew,

    Wow. I’ve been enlightened.

    From the other responses here it seems my experience was just a mistake. I’m very glad I posted though, to find that out.

    Here’s the question I emailed: I have an existing domain with content on it that I want to move over to an AG installation. It’ll be my first AG installation. I’m quite techie so it’s no problem.

    But what I wanted to know was if I could install AG in a subdirectory on the domain, add all the pages and when that was completed to my satisfaction just copy the AG files into the root directory. Is that possible?

    So it’s a question about copying installations around.

    I knew I could probably test and find this out myself, but without being sure, it’ll just sit in my intray for a long time. Far simpler and better if I ask you.

    Many thanks.


    9 Jun 10 at 10:41 AM

  15. Hi. It`s good that you continue improving. However there are some issues with my AG and unfortunately your support is not answering. I`m trying to run exit pop script on my AG site. I tried ExitProphet and Viralized PyschicPops, none of them are working after installation. Do you have any suggestions?


    10 Jun 10 at 12:01 AM

  16. Yes that is exactly how you would handle moving content from an existing site to a new Aff Genie site.


    10 Jun 10 at 2:47 PM

  17. I am testing some exit scripts myself I will let you know the progress as I get through them.


    10 Jun 10 at 2:47 PM

  18. I have a question about AG. What happens if I want to sell the entire web site? Is the buyer going to be able to use the program too or are they just going to have to use another HTML or PHP site?


    11 Jun 10 at 2:58 PM

  19. ~GARY
    Yes with your Affiliate Genie Purchase you will receive a transfer license which allows you to sell the website with Affiliate Genie Installed.

    With the purchase of Local Client Cash Machine if you have Affiliate Genie it includes a limited distribution license allowing you to build and sell Affiliate Genie sites without domains.


    11 Jun 10 at 3:05 PM

  20. Hi Matt,

    Is there any where on the web where I can see videos on how to use Aff genie (Not the launch stuff, but basic stuff like what you do etc, step by step. I am a complete no tech and find the sofeware impossible to use effectively. The manual is hard to follow and after a while Chris’s attitude really grates. Please help!


    16 Mar 11 at 11:13 PM

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